2012 Presidents Address

Jun 26, 2012

Welcome ladies and gentleman, it's great to see so many of you here to help us celebrate 31 years of the Winnipeg Transcona Rotary club which was chartered June 11, 1981 and started by our founder Dr .David Marsh. This year we are marking the 30 years with commemorative glasses on your table and once again we want to express our thanks to Helene Marsh for all her hard work to arrange this luncheon event for our club.


Rotary in Transcona has been extremely active. We have adopted and completed the Heritage Park and have now completed Phase 2 of the Centenary Park; looking forward to Phase 111 which will see the locomotive covered and protected from the elements to ensure it's preservation for future generations.


We partnered with the Transcona Museum and developed a beautiful 100th Anniversary Historical, Lottery calendar that we hope to generate funds for both the museum and the Centenary Park. We were able to sell enough advertising to defer all printing costs and already are seeing a profit from the sales of the calendar. We need to continue to be diligent in our attempts to sell all 3000 calendars so that we can benefit from this project. The calendar deadline is December 2012 and if all calendars are sold our club and the museum each stand to earn approximately $20.000.00 for our respective projects. I am asking all our members to make this a priority for the next few months to completion of the sale of the calendars.  


 We have supported youth and the elderly in the community; in the past our Rotary club was responsible for the purchase of a van for Park Manor Personal Care Home to transport their residents to various activities and was much used and greatly appreciated. Today as part of our continued commitment to the community of Transcona we presented Park Manor our cheque of $5,000.00 as a pledge to develop the Library in the intended new personal care home; once we have confirmation from Park Manor that the Manitoba Government has allotted the appropriate funds for the new building. This pledge is an affirmation of our support for the new personal care home for this community.


 We support the Transcona Food Bank and the Siloam Mission to feed the poor and disadvantaged in our community. Transcona Rotary through the Inner Wheel donates and delivers hampers at Christmas to needy families in Transcona. We also donated 30 new unwrapped toys to the Transcona Food bank Christmas Party for the community this past year and hope to do the same this coming Christmas.


 We have sponsored exchange students and hope to sponsor again young individuals wanting to experience other countries and cultures during their school year. I have personally committed to seeing if we can reinstate this program in our club and hope to visit the schools within our community to talk about the exchange program through Rotary. We have helped develop a school in the Philippines with Larry Vickar and Tova and we are very proud of his continued efforts for the village and school. We have brought clean drinking water to Muska and another village on the Ivory Coast in Africa. The villagers of these communities had to walk miles to get clean water every day before completion of these projects.


I want to thank Rob Pyrz for his hard work on these very worthy ventures.


Our club has sent 5 Shelter Boxes to ravaged countries affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods around the world. These Shelter boxes have all the necessary items to sustain 10 people from the elements while help is coordinated. We are gratified that through these efforts we are helping to save lives around the world.


Rotary International continues to work towards the eradication of polio throughout the world with the Polio Plus project and Winnipeg Transcona has been very supportive and active in the pursuit of completion of this world wide venture. It is our hope that Polio will never again be a factor of concern in the world and that day will be soon.


We are proud supporters of the Winnipeg Career Symposium every year which hosts students from all over the province and nearby towns in other provinces. Helping young adults, new immigrants to our province and older work force individuals making career changes make informed choices about their career paths.


Our club is actively involved in the development of the Goodwill Weekend held here in Manitoba each year in February to celebrate the first club chartered here in Winnipeg 100 years ago, which made Rotary International. Although the future of Goodwill is in question, our continued support is not. Whatever decision is made for the promotion of Rotary International and Goodwill, the Transcona Rotary Club will be supportive and involved as we have in previous years.


Our Annual Cabin Fever Auction this year was a great success seeing the club raise over $22,000.00 toward our projects and I want to thank all our members for their hard work, especially Isabel Marion who not only works so diligently on the auction but turns over her house to the club for our use during the preceding weeks to gather all the prizes. Categorize them and prepare them for the auction. The auction only succeeds by the endeavors of all club members, so once again my deepest appreciation to all of you.


We also have a golf tournament every year, this year's tournament has been scheduled for September at Kingswood Golf course and with our partnership with The Never Alone Foundation we are hoping for a very successful event. Last year through the hard work of the organizers Kerri and Kelly Hemmitt this wonderful fundraiser raised over $8,000 and would not be happening without their efforts so I personally want to express my appreciation to them for taking this tournament on each year. We are looking forward to working with The Never Alone Foundation, but I am still imploring all members to do their utmost to make this tournament the largest and best we have ever had.


Once again, each and every event requires the cooperation of each member to make it a success and I am fortunate to have my club to rely on. They have made this past year a very enjoyable second year of my Presidency.


I am grateful to have had the support and mentorship of all the club members. This year has been another learning curve for me and I know that I have continued to flounder at times but certainly hope I have made you proud, and my commitment to this club has never wavered.  


I look forward to next year with enthusiasm and a positive outlook. I am convinced that with the continued support of all of you we can accomplish anything.


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