Nancy McNaughton

Jul 12, 2012

Nancy McNaughton is a Professional and Personal Development coach. She has been empowering her clients to reach for their dreams for over 8 years.
Providing one to one coaching and interactive workshops to help people improve their employability skills has been Nancy's focus. Everyone is employable and some may need coaching to help them recognize their potential. A person's success begins with their belief in themselves.
Nancy has incorporated her own non- profit organization. Opening Doors to Success Inc. was created to provide further training to people living with challenges and labels. The training is to give under -employed and unemployed people the knowledge and skills to approach businesses for entry level positions in the careers of their choice.
Nancy is also very passionate about sharing her vision with businesses and organizations which stand to benefit from empowering people to achieve.
Nancy's knowledge and experience comes from working with clients dealing with challenges including mental health issues, learning and developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, issues with moving past addictions and various past criminal convictions, are only some of whom  she has been empowering over the past 10 years.
Nancy has training in coaching and counseling. She is very involved in community services through her employment with enVision Community Living. Nancy is a very strong advocate for the people she supports. She has also been involved with Toastmasters and Canadian Association of Public Speakers, where she has learned from very successful mentors.
Nancy's main talent and expertise in this area comes from her ongoing recovery of severe depression, addictions, and having family members who have overcome the possible damages of labels.
Nancy is also experienced in the business side of things as she was a self employed free lance advertising artist. She also managed a paint department for a major retail home improvement company.
Nancy continues to provide her services with passion and is working on growing her business dream. She is very motivated and loves sharing her knowledge of how to achieve and help others to achieve their personal success in life and in business.


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