Rotary Centenary Park

The rotary in Transcona decided to do something special for the centenary of rotary international. Rotary international was formed in 1905 in Chicago and in 1910 it became international when the Winnipeg rotary club right here in our city made it an international organization. In 2005 our rotary club decided to commemorate the 100 years of service of rotary international. We developed a new park that will give the history of rotary from the first day in 1905 right up to the present time in 2005.

Eradication of Polio

For More than 25 years rotary has lead the private sector in the global effort to eradicate the world of Polio. Polio can cause paralysis, deformities, and sometimes death. Rotary’s financial contributions to the global polio eradication effort will reach nearly US $1.2 billion by the time the world is certified polio-Free.

Save Water

Rotary International has a growing list of countries where they are helping to bring safe water. At Least 80% of all sickness in the world is attributed to unsafe water. Currently there are major projects going on in Haiti, Malawi, Ethiopia, Uganda, West Africa and Dominican Republic, just to name a few.